Josh Spender was the 2010 #1 BeachBody coach and currently has over 15,000 coaches on his team, but success didn’t happen over night. Josh has had to over come many challenges in the past 10 years. Staying positive and hard work seems to be his formula to success. In this podcast we break down this […]

Building your BeachBody network through social media Are you ready to build a BeachBody network? It isn’t hard. Social media offers you everything you need to get started and build your network to whatever level you desire. As with any business, you get out what you put into it. Learn to Use Twitter for Lead […]

How to write great content on your blog Having an active, high quality blog is the key to selling more BeachBody products. When readers enjoy your blog, they’ll visit it again and again, come to trust your company, and buy from you, rather than your competitors. To make your blog work for you, start with […]

The importance of Omega-3’s In this “gotta have it now and fast” era, many Americans rely on fast food for many of their meals. Unfortunately, most fast foods lack important vitamins and minerals that the body requires to operate efficiently. There are also certain fats in these foods that can be harmful to the body […]

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Exercise We exercise because we want to feel and look good. We run on the treadmill and go to aerobics and spinning classes hoping to shed pounds and gain muscle. However, many people don’t realize that there are two types of exercise with entirely different results, and while aerobic activities are great […]

What Is SEO and Why Is It Important To You? If you’re a Beachbody Coach, or want to be one, we cannot stress enough on the importance of starting your own website. And having your own website means having at least a basic idea of SEO and how it works. Here at, it’s our […]

Earning Google’s Trust In the intro to the SEO 101 for Beachbody Coaches series, we stressed on the importance of winning Google’s trust for better SEO. In this lesson, we tell you how to do that – what are the things you need to do to win Google’s trust. Trust is something that takes a […]

All About Hats In this lesson, we want to talk about hats and what they mean in SEO. There are three camps in SEO – Black Hats, White Hats and Gray Hats. Each camp follows a different set of rules and tactics in their SEO. Black Hats are SEO pros who simply refuse to play […]