Quick & Easy Set up

Setting up your website has never been so quick and easy. Once you pick out a theme, your site is instantly set up. All the heavy lifting is done for you. Once you login in, you can instantly start customizing your site and adding your own content. We can also assist with your domain/URL mapping.

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Customizer Simplified

Seeing your website change in real time, as you make your modifications, allows you to try and experiment on the fly. We feel this delivers a better user experience for you, and renders a better looking website for your viewers. So we completely revamped our customizer! Now you get instant feedback of your website’s look, feel and layout, as you edit it. No need to open up another web tab or save and refresh over and over. Everything happens right before you eyes in real time. Creating a website has never been this fun and easy.

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A Theme for your personality

As an individual, we understand that you want a website that not only looks great and professional, but says a little something about who you are as a person. Whether it’s unique icons, color, or layout, we have the right theme for you. We have put in the research and assembled a handful of themes that are easily customizable to suit your unique persona.

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Coach ID Integration

Selling from your website, and getting credit, has never been easier. Our coach ID integration tool allows you to quickly add "buy now" buttons for any Beachbody© product.


Mobile-responsive Themes

It's official, phones and tablets have surpassed desktops for viewing content on the web. Accommodating multiple viewing experiences is no longer a luxury; it’s a must. The BodyPress framework uses responsive web technology, so that your visitors will receive the same quality website experience no matter where they’re viewing your site.


Landing Pages with Lead Capture

A single promotional landing page is a very powerful tool when collecting valuable lead captures. This feature gives the viewer a simple, yet beautiful layout, that they can easily digest and engage in. Our well crafted, and straightforward lead capture pages, are a great complement to any coach’s website.

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Referral program

If you thought you were already getting a great deal on your website and hosting, wait… it only gets better. If you know of any Beachbody© coaches that need a website, referred them to Bodypress and score big discounts. 3 active referrals earns you a free website. That's a $228 savings per year! Now has never been a better time to become a Bodypress website subscriber.

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Beautiful BeachBody® Graphics

Studies show that website viewers gain more trust in businesses that appear visually professional vs ones that don’t. But, not everyone is a designer. That’s why Bodypress now provides you with professional grade Beachbody© product graphics. Our graphic templates work with different shapes and sizes to fit any medium.

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Interactive Help center

Video tutorials are great, but interactive step by step walkthroughs are better! We partnered with Sidekick, to give you an easy and comprehensive step by step help center. This software literally shows you what you need to click on, so that you can make the necessary updates to your website. If you still have questions, no worries, we have in app help support, so you can instantly contact a real person.