Building Authority On Google

In this chapter, I am going to start with perhaps the most important concept in SEO, which is, building authority on Google. What do we mean by authority? How is authority built on Google? Who gets to decide what authority is?

It will take us many chapters to truly understand how to build authority on Google – which is defined by PageRank – an algorithm that is at the heart of Google. To begin with, let’s take a few examples from real life.

In a large company, it is usually the CEO or the president who is the authority. They have reached this position of power because of what they have achieved throughout their career. It takes decades to reach such a position of authority. A junior executive, one who has just joined the company, cannot be a CEO, cannot be a figure of authority in the company.

It’s the same in Hollywood. Actors like George Clooney and Brad Pitt hold a position of authority in Hollywood because they have been in the entertainment business for decades now, having slowly built up their authority one movie at a time. It’s not easy to get where they are today. It takes years of hard work, dedication and patience.

It’s the same in sports. Roger Federer is considered to be the greatest tennis player of his generation because he has had to work hard for it. It took him years of hard work and extreme dedication, during which he won as many as 17 grand slams, more than any man in history. If he is a position of authority in tennis today, he has pretty much earned it.

So, why talk about all this in a chapter related to SEO? Our intention here is to make you understand the importance of patience, dedication and hard work in SEO. When you have a brand new website, you really have zero authority on Google. You are like the junior executive that we talked about. You have done nothing to earn Google’s trust and Google will not confer any authority on you.

Remember what we said at the start of this tutorial that SEO was about earning Google’s trust? You are like a start-up founder who goes to a bank to ask for a loan for your business. Would the bank lend any money to you without checking your income statements or tax returns for the previous year? No – you have to earn the bank’s trust, and as a new business owner, you have to earn Google’s trust to build authority on Google.

Authority is something you will build up. It will take time, but by following the advice in these tutorials, you will get your website up on Google’s SERPs. But here’s the thing – the most popular Beachbody Coach websites? They have been around for at least three years.

Google does not say so openly, but it is known to most SEO pros that websites need to be at least 3 years old before Google gives them any great importance. So age matters a lot on Google. Websites that have been around for long rank much higher than those that are new.

This may sound unfair to you, as you will have worked very hard on your new website – why should an old website that is nowhere as good as yours enjoy greater authority on Google than you do?

Well, older websites rank higher because they have generated content of a consistently high quality for years built relationships with other authority sites in their niche – which you haven’t been able to as yet.

Google simply won’t allow you to climb on its SERPs without having the authority to do so. You will need to earn this authority steadily over the years. SEO is not a get-rich quick scheme, don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

We will tell you how to build authority in Google, beginning with an introduction to the PageRank algorithm in the next chapter. Fasten your seatbelt, because we are getting into hardcore SEO from this point on!

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