Beachbody Coaches Creating High Value Content on Authority Sites

In this chapter, we are going to reveal a secret that not many people know about. We will tell you how to increase your PageRank by building links to your site from authority sites. But for this, you will need to create your content twice. Both pieces of content should be similar, but different.

Authority sites are trusted by Google. They have a high PageRank and have one unique feature that you can take advantage of – they allow you or anyone who wants to, to post content on them for free, without having to pay them for it.

Some of the authority sites that allow you to do this are:,,,,,, and

When you post content on these authority sites, they will rank much higher on Google’s SERPs than the content you post on your site. The reason for this is that Google trusts these sites as they have built their authority on the Web for years.

Authority sites have literally billions of links coming into their pages on the Web. These sites are completely trusted by Google. This is something you should use to your advantage.

So how do you do that? Well, you have created great content on your site. You will now need to write a similar content and post on these sites with links to your main website.

This is a sure fire way to increase your authority and build your PageRank. For higher PageRank, you will need more link popularity. Your PageRank is really about the popularity of your links and the quality of your links.

How to define quality of a link? How many links come out from a page from which your link is coming from?  Does that page link to several different sites or just to yours? Which are the sites that it links to? You wouldn’t, for example, want a link coming in from a web page that links to porn sites, for example – Google would consider that to be a low quality link.

So, back to our strategy. You have your own Blogger or WordPress site on your custom domain. Next, build out a blog with a sub-domain that’s on Blogger, HubPages or WordPress. For example, you can create a blog such as or

The idea is to use domains from, or, because these sites have high authority and when you post on these blogs, they spread the links through the domain itself with every new post. This way you can get the authority links that you need for your site to help build its PageRank.

This strategy, which always works, is more about content marketing than link building, because you are creating new content on an authority site to build links to the existing content on your own website.

So, why is this so important? For one, it can be just a single link from an authority site to your content that helps build its PageRank. This link should come through the keyword that is being targeted by you. For example, if you have written a product review of a protein supplement on your main website, create a similar but different content on a WordPress sub-domain, and use it to link back to your own website through the keyword being targeted by you, “best protein powder men”. Remember how we got this keyword phrase earlier during our keyword research?

It is really a simple concept – when a valuable content on an authority site links to a valuable content on your domain through a targeted keyword, it does wonders for your PageRank. It also does wonders for your site’s relevance. Remember relevance? We talked about it in the one of the earliest chapters of this tutorial, “Earning Google’s Trust”.

This makes it more likely that your content will rank higher on Google’s SERPs for this particular keyword.  It’s hard work, but it will have been well worth it.

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