In the last chapter, you learned how to create content on a sub-domain on an authority site and to link to the main content on your website. Now, this method works great, but all that it really gives you is one quality link back to your own site. If you want to increase your site’s PageRank, you will need to get more links than that.

So how do you do that? Take advantage of the social media, of course – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The idea is to find quality sites that you can use to build up the links to your own content. This means using popular social media sites to your benefit.

Now, there is a way to create links to your site through the social media. You don’t want to be accused of spam, because in that case, you will be punished severely by Google, besides making a lot of people angry with you.

There is way to share links through the social media and other avenue on the web. You must be on Facebook, for example, as Facebook is the most popular website in the world. Any link on a site of such high authority on Facebook does count for a lot. So start off by setting up a Facebook page for the content – with links to your web page. This is as easy as get gets.

Now, don’t spam your friends’ news feed with the links, it is the quality of the link that matters here, not the number of links. You don’t want to irritate your friends by posting links repeatedly on your personal page. Similarly, create a page for your content on Google Plus.

Build your fan base gradually, and grow the audience to your website. Building links is something that takes time, but is integral to the success of your content and your PageRank. You cannot get your site rise higher on Google’s SERPs without spreading the links on the social media and elsewhere. It is just a fact. So, if you have any reservations about spreading the links on the social media, it is better that you shed them now!  

This is important because when you are just starting out with your website, you will be in what is called as the Google Sandbox. Google Sandbox is where Google places sites that are either new or misbehaving in some manner. Google Sandbox is Google’s virtual prison; you don’t want to remain there for too long.

The way to get out of Google Sandbox is to build trust on Google. This means having more “link juice” for your site. Link juice refers to the quality AND quantity of the links coming in to your site. You will need to have a higher link juice, not just to get out of the Google Sandbox, but also to rise higher on PageRank.

The way to build PageRank and your authority is to share the links created to all pieces of your content, whether it is on your main website or on a sub-domain on an authority site such as Blogger or WordPress, as we talked about in the last chapter.  

Share the links on as many avenues as possible. As long as your content is of a high quality, well written and adds value to those who read it, it will be shared by more people among themselves on the social media.

The more people share your content, your PageRank increases and so does your authority. But remember, SEO is not a “GET RICH QUICK” scheme and it takes time. You will need to work hard over a period of time to increase your site’s PageRank and to get it ranked higher on Google’s SERPs.

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