Earning Google’s Trust

In the intro to the SEO 101 for Beachbody Coaches series, we stressed on the importance of winning Google’s trust for better SEO. In this lesson, we tell you how to do that – what are the things you need to do to win Google’s trust.

Trust is something that takes a long time to build, but it can be destroyed overnight. It’s the case in real life, and it’s the same when it comes to SEO as well. Let’s understand what trust means in the context of SEO.

One mistake people make in SEO is to look for shortcuts to get to the top in as little time as possible. We called this a non-value approach, as it’s like looking to get to the top without creating anything of value. Creating value takes time when it comes to SEO, and true success can be achieved only by delivering the most value or doing the most amount of work for few initial gains.

This is what a value-added approach to SEO is all about. The key here is to spread value and you do that by making quality and well-researched content available to your audience. It’s about creating content that sticks – which means your audience spends more time on a particular web page or on a video on your site.

The point is, if you want your website to achieve any kind of success, be prepared to work hard and deliver value. There are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO – unless you want to run afoul of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – in which case, you will be banished from Google if and when you’re found out.

To build value, you need to inspire trust. How do you do that? There are essentially four factors that inspire trust and create value in SEO. They are also called as Ranking Factors. They are…

Authority (Link Building) – Your website’s authority is decided by its link popularity – which is basically the number of inbound links acquired by your site, their relevance, and the quality of the content they come from.  

Age – Your website’s age is really about how many years it has been since it was first indexed by Google. Google takes age of a website very seriously. The longer your website has been around, better it is for your SEO.

Content – Content is one of the most important ranking factors in Google. Google has algorithms that determine the quality of your content. Any content that is well written, clear and grammatically correct is critical to building trust in your website.

Relevance – Relevance is the fourth ranking factor on Google, and it is perhaps the most difficult one to get right. It combines the three ranking factors we talked about with the relevance of the on-topic content. We will discuss relevance in detail later.

So these are the four ranking factors that decide whether you are able to earn Google’s trust, or not. The trick is to add value on a consistent basis while staying within the confines of Google’s very specific guidelines.

Google is very particular about its Webmaster Guidelines and demands strict adherence to them. With the new Penguin and Panda updates, anyone who violates Google’s rules by doing things such as buying links, duplicating content or practicing what is called as Black Hat SEO will be discovered quickly and swiftly punished.

Back in the early 2000’s when Google was new, a lot of people got away with such shady practices, and made a great deal of money from it – but this is not so easy anymore, and should be avoided at all cost. Trust is perhaps the most precious commodity in the world – it takes years and years to win Google’s trust, but one misguided decision, and it can all be taken away from you.

Never underestimate Google, because Google is perhaps the world’s most powerful company and is fully aware of the fact that some people are bound to do some underhanded things to get to the top of its SERPs. That’s why Google has instituted changes that make it very difficult to earn its trust.

In this SEO 101 for Beachbody Coaches series, we will talk at length about the SEO mistakes to avoid and we will help you earn Google’s trust. Stick around, for it’s going to get more interesting!

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