Getting Started With Keyword Research

In the previous chapter, we have introduced you to keywords. Now we get started with the basics of Keyword Research.  The first step in any keyword research is to brainstorm your keywords. Don’t get started with the keyword research without brainstorming for ideas.

Brainstorming your keywords

Brainstorming for the right keywords brings structure to obscure ideas that are just in your mind. It is the best way to come up with ideas for developing high quality and well-researched content. Brainstorming keywords does take time, but it’s an effort that is very much worth it. Let’s see how brainstorming for keywords is done.

Write down your main idea

What’s your main idea? What is the industry that your business is in? What do you sell on your website? If you sell “protein powder” – write that down.  

The thing to remember is even though you sell protein powder on your website, you don’t want to write content only on protein powder. What you want to do is to attract people to your website who want to buy protein powder. Your content should add value to that.

Adding value

How to add value to the world at large even as you are selling protein powder? To find the answer to this, understand how people buy protein powder in the first place. What’s the process for them, what leads them to make the decision to order protein powder on a website.

So, your buyer goes from what they want – protein powder – to how to go about buying what they want. Your job is to help them find what they are looking for, so that they buy from you, and not from anyone else.

Next, create more ideas based on your main idea – “protein powder

  • Protein powder types –What are the different types of protein powder? Some examples are “whey”, “casein” etc.
  • Protein powder flavor – What’s your favorite flavor? Some examples are “chocolate”, “vanilla” etc.
  • Protein powder men/women – Is the protein powder for men or women? This is an important consideration.
  • Protein powder brands – What’s the brand. Some examples are “ON”, “MuscleTech” etc.
  • Protein powder offers – Are there any special deals? Coupons or Promo codes?
  • Protein powder discounts – Are there any special discounts?


Examples of keywords

Based on these ideas, here are some great keywords that we have thought of. Mind you, they are all long-tail keywords because as you learned in the previous lesson, long-tail keywords will help you get discovered by your target audience faster.

  • Best protein powder for men
  • Best protein powder for women
  • Top rated whey protein powder for men
  • Cheap protein powder MuscleTech
  • Cheap protein powder under 100 dollars
  • Best protein powder discounts
  • Best protein powder summer sale
  • Top protein powder sale
  • Cheap casein powder for women

As you can see, we have deliberately used long-tail keywords here and used the keywords “Best”, “Top” or “Cheap” at the start of every keyword phrase, because that’s what most people look for, when buying a product. Most people online search for only the best car service, top smartphone or cheap payday loans.

This is just to give you an idea of how to brainstorm for the right keywords. We will discuss all the details on using keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner later, but first you need to familiarize yourself with how the process works.

Once you are done with the brainstorming of keywords and have identified your long-tail keywords, you can get going with the rest of your keyword research. Just remember you don’t have to come up with just one idea in your keyword research.

You should branch out and consider your business or your topic from several different perspectives, and not just a sales perspective, as most people do. That would be a mistake, because you want to do more than just sell protein powder on the internet, you want to create value for everyone. And when you create value, your efforts will get appreciated and you will find yourself selling much more than ever before.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson. We have barely scratched the surface of SEO so far, there is still so much to cover. We discuss more about keyword research in the next chapter.

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