How to write great content on your blog

Having an active, high quality blog is the key to selling more BeachBody products. When readers enjoy your blog, they’ll visit it again and again, come to trust your company, and buy from you, rather than your competitors. To make your blog work for you, start with great blog content that encourages your customers to get healthy and show them how BeachBody can help them meet their fitness goals. If you’re new to writing blog content, don’t panic–it can be fun, easy, and profitable if you take these simple steps.

Step 1: Choose a Question and Answer It

The best way to create great content for your blog is to answer a customer question. Start by paying attention to the questions customers ask about Beachbody products or about fitness in general. Usually customers will ask questions about how a product can help them meet a specific goal or what they can do to reach that goal more quickly. When you get a question like this, it’s a big hint as to what your customers need you to write about.

Choose a question that several customers have already asked. Then set out to answer that question. You don’t have to write a long essay; for most beginning bloggers, five paragraphs are sufficient. What do we recommend?  Write an introductory paragraph describing the question, write three paragraphs exploring the answer, and then write a final paragraph summing everything up.

Step 2: Break Content Up

The biggest turn-off for many blog readers is blog posts that are nothing but a large block of text. If there’s too much text on the page,  readers often become overwhelmed or bored and stop reading. If you have a lot of information to communicate, you need to break it up in order to keep readers’ attention.

There are two ways to break up large blocks of text. You can either insert images into the text or use subheaders–headings for different sections of the text that use a larger font to grab reader attention. Many bloggers use both.

Using images has several advantages:

  • Images are often automatically added to social media posts that share the blog link.
  • Pictures grab reader attention and get them to check out or read the blog.
  • Pictures can help make blog content clearer.

When choosing images, it’s important not to use a copyrighted image without written permission. If you aren’t using photos you took yourself, do a search for Creative Commons images. These are images whose owners have given people permission to use online. Look for an image that is relevant, interesting, and high quality.  Include a link to the Creative Commons page where you found the image so that you can give the photographer credit.

Step 3: End With a Call-to-Action

Although you don’t want your blog to be a blatant advertisement for BeachBody products, you do want it to be a tool for converting prospects to sales. One of the best ways to do this is to end every blog with a call-to-action. After you’ve written your content, write one sentence telling readers what you want them to do next. For example, “Sign up for our newsletter for more tips to get in shape for the summer” or “Click here for more information about our products.” By doing this, you encourage readers to take the next step to becoming paying customers.